Food and Commercial Photography

Janice Díaz

Cooking connects Jani with her happiest memories and roots; in her family, a way to express love was by cooking something delicious for the loved one. Although he graduated as a systems engineer, which was satisfactory for many years, he always felt the need to dedicate himself to art, discovering in photography an exciting world to which he has dedicated several years of study and constant work. Today, a chef graduate, she has managed to bring together in a perfect amalgam the two things she likes the most, photography and cooking. That passion is perceived in each of her images…

Lenin Luna

Curious, researcher, detail-oriented, fan of numbers and calculation, he graduated as an aeronautical engineer. Lenin always believed he had no artistic skills until 11 years ago; he bought his first SLR camera, convinced that it would be just pressing a button; however, reality would show him otherwise.
Frustrated, he decided that he would learn photography, which is how he begins a self-taught journey towards the light, or instead, writing with it. He discovers that he can make art, and the hobby has become a serious matter in the last four years. His specialty is advertising and product photography, and he always seeks to achieve the perfect image for his clients..